We know how hard you work each day! We are artists, parents, teachers …

and we want YOU to be an ally in bringing change to this school system full of problems!

With Dance out of Line: All inclusive!

Kids are the future.

Who builds the future? We! The teachers! We build the future! We are the heroes for more than one day.

This is not my reality.

You survived  another day.

Looking for something fresh? Are you bored? Need some new input?

You‘ve got it!  We bring it all!

We bring it free!

And this is just the beginning! A relaxed schoolday. It IS possible!

Together we make it happen! You don‘t need to be prepared, DOOL does it for you!

Art for free. Inclusion included: Dance out of Line: ALL inclusive!

You hear laughter. You feel the difference.

Teambuilding – happening by itself

Your chance to get to know your students in a different way.

Raving Teacher: „My pupils did not want to leave!“


Dance out of line all inclusive! Works all over Europe since 2018! Get in touch, get included.