Politicians who don’t  think outside  the box…

…should not be further interested  in the Project

”Inclusion begins with Education” -Elisabeth Löffler - Artist/ Performer/ Educator

Our non inclusive education system creates problems in many areas and wastes talent and money

Dis_ability directly concerns 18,4% of voters (Quelle Statistik Austria 2016)

DOOL has the know how of what inclusion actually looks like in practice.

Professional mixed-abled artists bring dance to schools and make kids experience inclusion.

In the last 4 years, DOOL has reached more than 3000 students, their teachers and parents.

DOOL creates Jobs for disabled and non disabled artists, reduces fears of what is different & teaches valuable social skills.

DOOL is a proven answer to your question on inclusion, education & the arts.

DOOL has received 300.000 € in funds by the European Union, was awarded the Outstanding Artist Award (MAD-AT) in 2020 and is ready to grow even more…

We want YOU to be part of the solution!

Dance out of line all inclusive! Works all over Europe since 2018! Get in touch, get included.